Saturday, May 28, 2011

an open letter for FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona won just now, beating Manchester United with 3-1.

to be honest, i was not a football fan, and i'm still not. but when it comes to Barça, i just get excited. i dont even know half the name of the players (except for David Villa and Puyol of course) until a friend of mine introduced me all the players 2 hours ago.

i happened to be in love with Barça about a year ago, and i still am, and will always be.

will always be....

i went to their stadium in Barcelona last year, and i miss that moment so damn much. i miss the heat and the ambiance. we had so much fun, smile all the way long....i never knew it was a sacred day, a one turning point in my life.

just so you know, it won't be that easy to love another club when you are a die hard fan. Ups and downs, rise or fall, i will always be there to support.

i just hope that, all my support and love for Barça will be appreciated. having me as a new fan, was a jackpot for Barça because its not easy to convince people like me to love a football club okay? i'm exclusive man!

just don't dissapoint me in the future Barça, i'm done being dissapointed a few times already because i know, you are different from all those cheap fucking clubs that i know...



akak said...

exclusive ke hehhehehe

SyahmiFikri said...


dah jadi dei hard fan.. jgn jadi lalang plak kann..