Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ku Bukan Aku - bila Mr A bersuara..

Lama sungguh hari berlalu
Hening malam menyiksaku
Bila bersendirian sepi jadi pilu

Kau pergi aku yang hilang
Sedikit pun hidup tak senang
Langit cerah ku renung mendung kelabu

Kerana diriku bukan aku
Tiap kali kau menjauh
Fikiran tak keruan
Jiwa rasa kekosongan
Diriku bukan aku
Tiap kali kau menjauh
Pulangkan dia ke pangkuanku

Yang digemar menjadi bosan
Sukarnya cari ketenteraman
Bila hati bersedih semuanya tak betul

Ku cuba setabah hati melupakan
Dirimu dari ingatan
Tapi semakin dicuba semakin rindu

Saturday, May 28, 2011

an open letter for FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona won just now, beating Manchester United with 3-1.

to be honest, i was not a football fan, and i'm still not. but when it comes to Barça, i just get excited. i dont even know half the name of the players (except for David Villa and Puyol of course) until a friend of mine introduced me all the players 2 hours ago.

i happened to be in love with Barça about a year ago, and i still am, and will always be.

will always be....

i went to their stadium in Barcelona last year, and i miss that moment so damn much. i miss the heat and the ambiance. we had so much fun, smile all the way long....i never knew it was a sacred day, a one turning point in my life.

just so you know, it won't be that easy to love another club when you are a die hard fan. Ups and downs, rise or fall, i will always be there to support.

i just hope that, all my support and love for Barça will be appreciated. having me as a new fan, was a jackpot for Barça because its not easy to convince people like me to love a football club okay? i'm exclusive man!

just don't dissapoint me in the future Barça, i'm done being dissapointed a few times already because i know, you are different from all those cheap fucking clubs that i know...


Wednesday, May 25, 2011